How it all began…

It was a dark, cold and miserable winter. The short days, endless snow and ice, took their toll on everyone.

Wondering what to do with my life now I didn’t have an official job- if you don’t count being a full time mum- the writing urge made itself known.

A ‘what if’ story grew in my mind. So I began to write, feeling inwardly chilled and desolate, which shows in the story.

Winter is a weird time of year. We should all be hibernating but we can’t, we have to carry on as normal. However, last winter the snow and ice were so bad that everyone was confined to the village. The deliveries of food to the local shops tailed off, it was hard for anyone to walk on the compacted ice. We were all stranded inside our homes, getting cabin fever.

Its hard to imagine how it was, as I’m sitting here on a careless sunny July afternoon. But the darkness and chill brought me down to the low of not caring what people thought about the story I wrote. A cautionary tale.


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