What people thought

I was getting bored and fed up, so I decided to put Descending on www.authonomy.com to gauge people’s reactions.

To my surprise there was a ‘feeding frenzy’ with so many comments and backings, I couldn’t keep up. I wasn’t fooled though, I knew it was just because people wanted me to return their comments and backings.

I got so much constructive criticism though. Someone called Billysiv, can’t remember his real name, pointed out a vital ‘doesn’t want to’ that had sneaked in there, when it should have been ‘wants to’! That could have ruined my book LOL! And others pointed out physical constraints of being stuck in a lift, awkward phrases and word repetitions.

I was pleased to get so many positive comments though:

This is a beautifully crafted piece. The characterisations are intensely visual and you have given the reader good insights into Emily… Suzannah Burke- Dudes Down Under.

This is a very good book on choices and consequences, and you make it sound so real with your writing.
L. Anne Carrington- The Cruiserweight.

This is a great read. Forget the details of usual commentary – at the end of the day, do I want to turn the page? Yep.
Paige W. Pendleton- The Keeper and the Rune Stone

This is more than just readable, this has something to say and it does it very well and succinctly. The situation is very real, the dialogue is not only real, but also carries the story. Tim Chambers- Moonbeam Highway

Descending — great title by the way — is an intriguing psychological study of people who have a distinct & somewhat distant relationship who find themselves trapped together in what could become a tragedy.
Jeannine DeLine and Bobbi L’Huillier -The Long Black Veil

But Authonomy is hard work. There are thousands of books on there, you have to devote most of your days to commenting and backing them, and I just didn’t have the time.

I heard of a publisher who had set up another site, Night Reading, where people posted their first chapters. The chapters were voted on and the winners published, as well as some which the publishers ‘cherry picked’. I thought I’d give that a try. It looked a quiet site, maybe not used very much…


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