Strangers in the Night

So, I published my first chapter of Descending on Night Reading. It seemed a quiet site back in May, with not much going on. I didn’t really know anyone, I saw the odd name I knew, but apart from that, I felt a bit dull.

I was pleased to see that Descending got into the top 10 for the May/June vote, and waited excitedly for the result. However, my fellow author and dare I say friend, Joanne Ellis, won the top spot for her crime thriller, ‘Spoilt’. This novel has been widely acclaimed and deserving of being published for a while, so now Night Publishing have put their money where their mouth is and done so, well done Jo!

I was obviously disappointed, but not really surprised to find Descending didn’t win. It is a hard to define, non genre novella. Is it a romance? Not really! Is it a cautionary tale? Maybe. Is it for adults or young adults? Hard to say.

Anyway, another fellow author and friend, LA Dale (Heart of Glass; Perhaps, Perhaps) suggested I upload my novels to Smashwords as e-books. So I did, and also Lebrary. I will put the links in my favourite sites area in a minute.

Smashwords seems very complicated, you have to make sure your story fits precisely in with the guidelines to get it into their ‘Premium Catalogue’. So I took ages formatting and re-formatting the stories to do this, and yay! After a week or so they were accepted.

Lebrary is much simpler, you just have to convert your word.doc to a PDF, thanks to a free PDF converter online!

I was pleased to get reviews and purchases for Descending and the sequel, Surfacing, on Smashwords.

Then, to my surprise, I got an email from the many talented Tim Roux, of Night Publishing. ‘I liked your first chapters’ it said. ‘And…’

(to be continued)


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