The man from Del Monte, he say yes!

Well, not the man from Del Monte, the man from Night Publishing, Tim Roux. He said he was definitely interesting in publishing Descending and its sequel, Surfacing.

There followed many days of wondering for me: did he like the rest of the stories after the first chapters? Should I keep asking about progress like a fussy author?

But after all that, Descending was done! Published as a standalone. Personally I don’t think Surfacing is as good, however much my friends tell me it is. We’ll see…

So last Saturday, the kamikaze postman unlocked our gate, got through to the letterbox and bam! The parcel from America came, with the precious printed copy of Descending.

Woohoo! I was excited all day!

It wasn’t finalised yet though. I started off reading it, seeing loads of mistakes and clumsy phrases. So I corrected them, following Tim’s advice, then sent it off for the final edition.

And it was all accepted! It is now on Smashwords under ‘published by Tim Roux’ instead of just under my name. Professional huh? hahaha!

Also Barnes and Noble, Kindle, and loads of other places. Just put ‘Catherine Chisnall’+Descending into Google or Bing.

Oh. My. God. I’m a published author!


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