Out of the closet

No, not THAT closet! I mean my book is out in the open now, and I am doing my best to promote it yikes!

I joined www.goodreads.com I am on the Author program, not sure what to do with that. But I found a group called Controversial Novels, which consists of a writer called Ruth Francisco and me, hahaha! I recommended Descending to her, she says she will read it, as it fits in nicely with Controversial Novels. It would be great if the group flourished and grew…

There are other groups on Goodreads which sound promising, such as Nothing is Taboo, which I see my friend Soooooz (author Suzannah Burke) has joined too!

Not that this is promoting Descending, but I showed a copy to my mum (72) yesterday :-O I said ‘its an adult book, full of sex and swearing.’ She said jokingly ‘sex and swearing, I’ve never heard of that before’! I’ll see whether she liked it or not soon…


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