Creative People’s Strengths

I have found out two things about myself this year.I’ve always known I was creative, but never felt it was ‘normal’. I was a bit ‘different’ to everyone else: sensitive, very aware of everything and affected by it.

However, the things I found out made me realise that I- and probably other creative people- are normal, just in the minority. They also could explain why we are creative.

The first thing I discovered was the Highly Sensitive Person trait To summarise, this trait is present in 20% of all species, including humans obviously, and means that the 20% have a slightly different nervous system to the others. We notice more, basically. Subtleties- changes in atmosphere, characters, appearances, others’ moods etc. Sounds like a creative person, doesn’t it?

Second is the trait of being interested in everything, rather than focussing on one. Society encourages and approves of people who concentrate on one subject, working at that exclusively and forging a career in a discrete area.

My friend (another HSP)told me of this book:

Refuse to Choose

which explains the trait, calling it Scanning, I think. I haven’t read the book yet. The author, Barbara Sher, has her own site, where she explains further:

Barbara Sher

So basically my conclusion is this:

If you have always felt a bit ‘different’; the ‘sensitive one’; the ‘creative one’ or whatever, you are normal, just in the minority. You have strengths which encourage creativity, and there are scientific reasons for them. You aren’t just ‘a bit weird.’

Check out my links. Finding out I was part of a minority- a bit different, but normal- changed my life. In fact I am part of two minorities, the HSP one and the Scanning one- yikes!

‘The world would be a boring place if we were all the same’, as all our mothers used to say.


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