My first buyer!

Hey hey! My friend and fellow author, Alexie Aaron**, bless her! informs me she has just bought Descending from So excited… again! My days seem to be full of excitement these days!

My aunt (83) actually phoned me yesterday to congratulate me too. My aunt is not your normal aunt. She is Glamorous, an ex model and ‘It girl’.

She was full of plans for my writing career, she advised me to write steamy potboilers to get the money rolling in (under an assumed name), while I concentrate on my ‘serious’ writing (under my real name). She was trying to phone my mum, but couldn’t get through. I think she wants to collaborate with her to plan my career.

They’ll be lucky though! I shall plan my own career, thanks very much LOL!

I will have to think of a short, snappy summary for people, because I just couldn’t think of how to explain the subject of Descending to my aged aunt. I mumbled something about people making bad choices and the consequences of those. I told her it was a rather shocking subject, but she said: ‘Oh, my dear! At my age, nothing shocks me!’

Perhaps I could sum up Descending as:

‘about a forbidden relationship, and the consequences of it.’

Hm… any ideas, dear followers?

** I looked for an example of Alexie’s work, but couldn’t find one on the internet. She is the author of ‘Decomposing’ and ‘The Hauntings of Cold Creek Hollow.’ Hopefully both to be published soon.


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