Wobbling and wavering

Hm… today I checked Amazon.com and My Book Has Gone! The Kindle edition is still there… but where is the paperback? Annoying cos I’ve put a link everywhere to the paperback version and people are saying the link doesn’t work 😦

Perhaps I should just be patient and wait for it to reappear…!

So, to cheer myself up, I looked around at some other books. This line is the best I’ve read for a long time:

“I didn’t know if I wanted to stab him to death with my stiletto or take him outside for a quickie.”

hahaha! How many men have I felt like that about!

Its from Heart of Glass, by my friend and fellow writer, L A Dale! Very, very apt.

Ha ha! I questioned my publisher about Descending on Amazon.com and he said ‘its still there’.

Here is the working link: Descending

You don’t seem to be able to search ‘Catherine Chisnall’ though. Without that link, you have to search ‘Descending’ and put the books in ‘date published’ order. A bit of a faff. Technical problems eh?


2 thoughts on “Wobbling and wavering

  1. Hiya CatherineWell look at you all blogged up now. I'm about to put myself up as a follower.Did you try Googling you name to see what happens.I gave it a shot recently and discovered I owned the first six or seven pages!! Give it a whizz. x

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