On writing

My mum told me this story years ago. Some friends of hers had a son who was never interested in school work. All he wanted to do was water sports and outdoor activities.

I suppose in those days, probably two decades ago, schools were focussed on academic pursuits. It wasn’t recognised that people have different types of intelligence, one of which is physical intelligence. Top sports people have this e.g. David Beckham, Jenson Button, Roger Federer, Kelly Holmes, the Williams sisters etc.

Anyway, the parents despaired as their son failed his exams, uninterested. He will never get anywhere and never get a good job, they thought.

But when he left school, he started on a YTS scheme working for an outdoor sport and leisure company. He did incredibly well there and now runs it! His parents say that its as if his whole life of playing outdoors, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, has been in preparation for his career.

It just goes to show that doing something you love does pay off in the end, even if not necessarily in wages or material goods.

So those of us who have spent our lives watching the world, taking notes, writing stories, observing, wondering what people in the street are really like and imagining their lives, have not been wasting our time. We are writers, and our time has come!


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