Family ties and book shops

So, my aunt is going to buy my book (my dear! Nothing shocks me at my age!).

My mum likes my book (apart from the split infinitives).

My brother is going to buy my book (he’s not really my brother, but long story).

Now I’ve just got to get my husband to read it…

So I seem to have most of my family on my side.

I didn’t tell the in laws the other day at the barbecue. They aren’t really interested in me except as the wife of their son/ brother. They are definitely different to me. I think they are not HSP (see my previous post), they are not ‘people people’, they care more about achieving and influencing* and are generally conventional and traditional people. The total opposite of me!

And! I got a reply to my email asking indie book shops if they wanted to stock Descending. I am going to take a copy of it into the shop next week to show the manager to see if he wants to stock it. Hopefully…!

*This is from an excellent book ‘What Makes People Tick’ by Susan Quilliam. She says there are three basic motivations which people run. Affiliation (people and relationships). Achievement (getting things done, results). Influence (power and influence over events and people). There is so much more in this book, do have a look if you want to understand people better.


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