Night Publishing

Night Publishing is my publisher, they are going from strength to strength. Run by Tim Roux and Bruce Essar, this is their philosophy:

…. to get as many authors together as possible helping each other so that in time we can take on the major publishing houses and redress the balance back towards good writing. We will publish as many good books as we can and let the market decide whether it likes them…. Lots of good writers get their books into print even if they don’t get rich in the process.

I think it is a very good philosophy. Tim says that the publishing industry today is like the music industry of the 1960s. The mainstream is samey, bland, safe, whereas underground there is an explosion of brave, offbeat, adventurous, indie writing which is far more interesting. The underground movement is on the verge of taking off, so I hope Night Publishing will be at the forefront of the revolution.

The way to join in is at Night Reading. Click here to see what I mean.


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