Amazon UK beckons!

I noticed yesterday, or was it the day before, that the Kindle version of Descending is now at Amazon UK! So this hopefully means that the paperback version is close behind.

I’ve already got a long line of my friends promising to buy it, I wonder if they will? It will be the icing on the cake if they do, I already think I’m living in a dream world having my book snapped up by a publisher and praise heaped upon my head, its fab- u- lous!

But I’m still determined to do the Freelance and Feature writing course at London School of Journalism, and try and make some sort of money writing non fiction articles. I am going to work really hard and make a go of it 😀


2 thoughts on “Amazon UK beckons!

  1. Congratulations on being on Amazon UK! This is a really positive post and made me smile. Especially your last paragraph. Good for you; always good to attach as many strings to your bow as possible! Good luck with the sales, Catherine!

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