Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife by Lilian Kendrick

Finally got my hands on Lilian Kendrick’s excellent book ‘Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife.’ I ordered it ages ago and its finally arrived. A landmark story for women everywhere- who are we without these roles? It seems we aren’t allowed to be just ‘women’, we have to be described in a role :-/

I could write an essay on this subject, but I’ll try to be brief. I am a big fan of ‘Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife’, it seems to sum up life as a woman in modern times. Or perhaps life as a woman since time began?

Men just aren’t described as ‘Brother, Son, Father, Husband.’ They are: ‘director of’; ‘head of’; ‘manager of’ etc. They are always described with relation to their job- I mean their job out of the home.

Women are still seen as home workers, family orientated, not really ‘proper’ people. There is nothing wrong with being family orientated, but we women are people in our own right too.

It is changing slowly of course. When I started work in a bank 20 years ago, we weren’t allowed to wear trousers. I can’t imagine any manager daring to say that to women in 2010.

So anyway, Lilian Kendrick has summed it up. When do women get to be the star? Have their turn instead of looking after others?

I haven’t read the whole of her book yet, just what was posted on Authonomy. I’ll see what her conclusion is….


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