Simon’s Choice, by Charlotte Castle

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Simon’s Choice, by Charlotte Castle


What would you do if your child were dying. Would you let the child know? When you discussed it what would you do if the child asked you to go with her? These are some of the questions face by Simon. Finding the answers takes him on his own spiritual journey.


This was a very touching book. The characters could be almost anyone in any family. Parents all over the world every day face the possibility of their child dying. How do they handle it? The characters were realistically depicted. Each person had their own way of dealing with their grief. Like in real life, this grief can sometimes be a wedge between people.

The question of whether to tell Sarah hangs over the head of Robert and Melissa. In one of the most touching scenes of the book there is a conversation about dying between Robert and Sarah. This conversation sets up the plot for the rest of the book, and I genuninely felt Roberts fears and indecision in what to say/not to say. Through the repercussions coming out of this Simon manages to cling to his faith. Sometimes that’s all that keeps a person from totally shattering.

The author being British used some terms that might be hard to understand at first for those of us in the U.S. However, after a while, I was in the flow of the story, and didn’t notice.

This book is a quick read. There are a few areas where the language and content might not be suitable for all ags, so I’d give it a PG-13 and say that anyone out there who likes a tear jerker would probably enjoy this book.

Catherine’s opinion:

Highly recommended, but very, very sad of course.


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