Me on Authors On Show

Lorraine, the fearless leader of Authors On Show, kindly asked to feature me on their ‘Thank You’ Page. This is for people who have been supporting AOS since its conception.

Authors On Show is a site which promotes unpublished authors (well, authors who aren’t published YET!). It was the idea of Lorraine Holloway-White, and others. She has worked really hard to get it all going, with the input and help of her ‘minions’ Lori; Nicole; Sessha, Gail and Louise (and any others I’ve forgotten). Most, if not all, of the minions are authors too, awaiting publishing.

You can tell AOS is successful because Lorraine keeps employing more and more staff…!

I really don’t think I’ve done much to help, but obviously I have. Maybe it was in my sleep LOL!

Here is my page on AOS, it will be there for one week:

Thanks AOS 😀


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