Freelance and Feature Writing Course

Right, now I’ve had a few days off reclining on my chaise longue being fanned by my houseboy with the ostrich feather fan, I can resume blogging.

I started my Freelance and Feature Writing Course a few weeks ago, and have now done two assignments and nearly finished the third.

The third assignment was to write a news report about an event I’d been to or researched lately. As a confirmed hermit, I never go to anything, so decided to write it about the Chilean miners. I spent hours watching the rescue on the BBC website so I did feel like I had actually been there.

The other thing that happened, due to my course, was me emailing various local newspapers and magazines asking if they’d like me to write articles for them. I tried a family magazine plus two lifestyle magazines I’ve written articles for previously.

I got no reply from the lifestyle magazines, a reply from the family magazine saying they couldn’t pay me. At the time I said I couldn’t write for nothing, but changed my mind when a local newspaper said exactly what articles they wanted from me, but couldn’t pay me. They wanted Christmas information, basically. So that is what I’m finding out!

It is a start,and now I want to prove I’m reliable and accurate. Hopefully it’ll give me confidence to write articles for payment. So I went to the local church to ask about times of Christmas services, and emailed a few local businesses to see if they are doing anything special this year.


5 thoughts on “Freelance and Feature Writing Course

  1. Hi Catherine. I've just done Assignment Three as well and also struggled with what to write about until a local celebrity saved the day by having a fling with someone underage! I haven't dared to approach any publications yet so well done you! Cx

  2. Hello Catherine,I really love this blog. U r doin a great job !Im planning to pursue an attendance PG Course in LSJ very soon. Once i join, i guess i can contact u incase if i have any questions regarding the subjects. I dont have much exp in this field and u surely r an inspiration to me to become a wonderful writer :)@ Wannabe Goddess – I came across ur blog too and it seeems interesting..Kudos !!!Cheers,Minnie

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