Books for Christmas continued… Little Guide to Unhip

Today my recommendation is K J Rigby’s ‘Little Guide to Unhip.’ It is available on Amazon.

A synopsis of this amusing book:
When we are young, we all hope that even if we are not totally hip, we are not completely unhip. With age, we begin to realise that we have had more than a few embarrassing moments and tastes and, maybe more to our surprise, we don’t really care. There are days when we are unhip and proud of it. Part social commentary, part autobiography, here are some of KJ Rigby’s confessions of some of her less hip moments. And what about you?

Reviews:“One of the fun things about “Little Guide to Unhip” is realizing how silly it all is, this fussing over whether one is or one isn’t “hip”, all the things K. J. Rigby lists (there are 50 categories) that we fret about (or once did) as having real meaning,” says George Polley, author of ‘Grandfather and the Raven.’

“Rigby wickedly relates her run ins with hipness, and unhipness as the case often is, with regard to the items on her top 50 list of things unhip, and I found myself relating to so many of her stories. It made me feel a sense of camaraderie with every unhip person out there, knowing that in our communal uncoolness, there is something awesomely cool,” says Tiffany Harkleroad, of ‘Tiffany’s Bookshelf.’

What I think is:
As a terminally and happily unhip geek, I am pleased to read just how unhip I am. This little book provokes a lot of chuckling and giggling, just right for the festive season when we’ve all had too much sherry.


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