Books for Christmas Strike Back- Ryan Spier

Today I’m not recommending a book but an author with two books up his sleeve.

Ryan Spier has two e-books published by

These books are more of an antidote to the warm, fuzzy Christmas spirit, so if you fancy getting away from the mistletoe and wine, try these books.

Angel of Retribution

He could feel no heartbeat, there was a gaping wound where his beating heart should be. A man with no memory awakens in a morgue, only to find he has been murdered. A chance meeting with an old friend leads him to his first clue, a corrupt detective. The man, Richard, soon discovers he has been resurrected as an angel, sent back as his younger, virtually indestructible self.

Another, much older angel, Jacob helps guide him on his mission against a worldwide organisation who deal in people, drugs and weapons. He discovers his wife and daughter have disappeared and the criminal organisation is responsible.

Action, suspense, conflict and drama as the two angels have to live with the consequences of their actions and be judge, jury and executioner.

Postcards from Berlin

Tuomas is not a good Nazi.

He’s only 15 years old, but he knows he’s expected to defend his hometown of Berlin from the approaching Red Army. He becomes a a soldier by killing an invading Russian and is even introduced to the Fuhrer, but then he’s captured by the Allies. Luckily they’re British and, on reading his diary, discover his true feelings about the fascist regime and recruit him to help them hunt down fleeing Nazis. So starts Tuomas’s journey into adulthood as he comes to terms with the war-weary world around him, culminating in shoot-outs galore as the Nazi-hunters go about their business in Argentina.

He’s called a traitor and disdained by his countrymen, because Tuomas, as he always knew, is not a good Nazi.

What I think is:
Both difficult subjects to tackle but they are both well told in a believable manner. If you want to take a break from your current life and think about possibilities of other lives, try these stories.


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