Return of Books for Christmas- The Eye of Erasmus

Teresa Geering’s ‘The Eye of Erasmus’ is my recommendation for today. A trilogy, this is the first book in the series, ‘Erasmus the Omnipotent’. The book is available on Amazon.

Synopsis:‘The Eye of Erasmus’ tells of Erasmus, a baby born during a thunder storm, who is clearly destined to be special and, initially, especially obnoxious with his flashing black eyes and haughty ways, until he finds love. The trouble is that the girl literally of his dreams hasn’t actually been born yet. No problem …… Oh, but there is ……. Danger lurks ……..

“A wonderful, enchanting book, made all the finer for the effortless ease with which it captures and captivates the reader. The Eye of Erasmus really stands out in a genre that is highly popular with writers and readers – no small feat. Thoroughly entertaining, and a definite 5-star choice,” says Steve Jensen, author of ‘The Poison of a Smile’.

“Teresa Geering has written an enthralling story with incentive to continue reading the series. The Eye of Erasmus will appeal to all ages alike. It is a book that you will read on more than one occasion and I would recommend this book to all readers,” says All Review Site.

What I think:This book was a lovely surprise for me, as I don’t usually like fantasy novels. Its an engrossing tale, simply and clearly told, with none of the usual trappings of the genre such as a large cast of characters with unpronounceable names, which put me off other books.


One thought on “Return of Books for Christmas- The Eye of Erasmus

  1. thank you so much Catherine. I haven't had a lot of internet coverage this week as all the electrics are being replaced in my house. Every time I went to go on the 'net the electric got turned off. Sooo it was a lovely surprise to see this. Many thanks.Tee x

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