Books for Christmas- the sequel. Colin Theakston

EDIT POST: Colin Theakston, alias Colt, sadly passed away a few days ago, at 82 years of age. I send my condolences to his family. His books are a lasting reminder of his talent, its a shame we will not see more of them.

Again, I’m recommending another author with many books up his sleeve: Colin Theakston, alias Colt the author.

Colt has written a trilogy, so far one is published: A Time for Living, and A Time for Crying will be available in two weeks time. A Time for Dying is a work in progress. All are/ will be available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Synopsis of A Time for Living (5 star ratings on Amazon):
Geoffrey Summers, a soldier of fortune, has a choice. Work for Al Qaeda or have his real identity revealed. He is forced to accept an assignment to deliver a weapons package to terrorists in Birmingham and decides to use a canal freight narrow boat to transport it from London. Josh Wilson, the canal narrow boat owner, unaware of the true nature of his cargo takes as a passenger, Samantha Ryder, a dying woman with a past. The journey by canal from London to Birmingham and beyond is one of love and happiness, deceit and despair, discovery and death. It seems that only Josh and Samantha can stop a major terrorist attack rivalling that of 9.11 or worse.

Synopsis of A Time for Crying:A simple substitution of a Chinese Bronze statue, sets a chain of events in motion that even Geoffrey Summers finds difficult to control. There will be death, terror and tears before the completion of this assignment.

“Colt has created a very clever and elusive character. This book is an excellent and well written story, with thrilling action, cleverly thought out plots and endearing tale. A must read which; I hope leads on to the next,” said All Review site’s Neil Kirby about A Time for Living.

What I think is:
Thrillers are not my thing… However, the reviews for Colt’s books convince me that the stories are well crafted and well worth reading if you are a thriller fan.


One thought on “Books for Christmas- the sequel. Colin Theakston

  1. Colin was/is our brother-in-law and we miss him deeply and would like to thank you for your kind words, we can never replace him but at least his nephews and the rest of his family have lasting memories of him

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