Revenge of Books for Christmas- The Island of Whispers

A book that’s been called ‘Watership Down’with a difference. By Brendan Gisby and available on Amazon.

The Island of Whispers synopsis:
This is the story of a colony of rats living on an island under the Forth Rail Bridge. Ruled over by an `inner circle’ of evil fat rats, and in fear for their lives, a group of lowly `watchers’ attempts to brave the stormy waters and scale the giant bridge in a bid for freedom. But celebrations for the bridge’s centenary are about to begin…. will they make it?

“Would I highly recommend this book? The answer is a resounding yes for all age groups, because The Island of Whispers is extremely well written and thought out, albeit highly gory in places.” says Teresa Geering, author of ‘The Eye of Erasmus.’

“He conjures up a variety of emotions which kept me turning page after page as I followed the journey of the main ‘character’ throughout a series of exciting and frightening adventures. Sometimes scary, sometimes grizzly and sometimes heartbreaking, this is a memorable book, and one I would recommend to anyone.” says Marlene Lewis, Scottish Field reviewer.

What I think is:
This book would be the perfect antidote to wine fuelled sentimentality which can dominate at Christmas.


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