Books for Christmas with a Vengeance- The Albion

The Albion, by Derryl Flynn. A gritty portrayal of the tough life some people have to live, available from Amazon and Authorhouse.

Fast approaching forty, life’s experiences haven’t mellowed Terry Gallagher any; angry and disillusioned; sickened by the mindless violence all around him and trying to come to terms with his own thuggish past, he decides to make good.
Here is a story of one man and his unwilling buddy who form a football team and strive to bring colour and self-esteem into the lives of a rag bag bunch of thirteen year old scallies. The season unfolds amidst a backdrop of manic depression, squalor, depravity, heroin addiction, yardies, guns and death; where a web of bizarre and tragic circumstances transpire to push the mental state of this reluctant philanthropist to the limit and ultimately tip him over the edge.

“This is an un-put-downable book. If you enjoyed “The Full Monty” or “Brassed Off” you will love this. Set against the stark background of the North a story of ambition and dedication which is often hilarious,” says John Briggs, Amazon reviewer.

“Don’t expect it to be “sweetness and light” reading, this is a story about hard folk in hard times demonstrating their love of life, their love for others and with a good dose of the bloody funny side of life.” says Alex James, Amazon reviewer.

What I think is:
Its a story about the harsh side of life, about people who have nothing trying to make something out of their lives. A reminder to those who are well off to be sympathetic towards those who aren’t.


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