Son of Christmas Book recommendations- Walls of Jericho

My recommendation for today: Walls of Jericho by Jonathan Hopkins,a 19th century tale of military derring do. The book is available from all main retailers (Waterstones, WH Smith, Amazon, Barnes + Noble, Book Depository etc) and can be ordered from any good bookshop. Or you can get a copy, signed, via the website.

In an age when cannon and musket decide the fate of nations, can horsemen still triumph?

Young Joshua Lock saves the life of the Honourable John Killen and in the aftermath of the near fatal accident an unlikely friendship is forged. When both enlist in the 20th Light Dragoons, Joshua through necessity, John to take up a commission, they soon find themselves in the expeditionary force posted to Portugal to fight the French. Out on a patrol, Joshua is ambushed by the French and left for dead. He is rescued by the Portugese partisans however and nursed back to health by their leaders beautiful grand-daughter. John Killen has been told that his friend is dead, but fate has yet a card to play.

“Jonathan Hopkins has mixed a touching tale with the historical battles of the Napoleonic era. From fantastically described battle scenes with phrasing which will put you amongst the battles as they happen, to an unthinkable friendship of two men from contrasting backgrounds. Tragedy strikes on more than one occasion in this exciting novel. Lock`s demise, Killen`s internal battle to honour the memory of his father and other twists and turns before the story closes.

Hopkins has developed an excellent story born from factual events during the 19th century, making ‘Walls of Jericho’ an exciting and entertaining read.” says All Review site.

“It is immediately obvious for the first chapter of this fantastic novel, that the author has put his heart and soul into creating a masterpiece which will transport you to the terrifying battlefields, where you will hear the cries of the men and smell the gunpowder. It is an absorbing, richly detailed and unmissable book. A classic in the making!” says Amazon reviewer C Thomas.

‘…wish you loads of success with your book!’ Bernard Cornwell, author of the Sharpe series.

What I think is:
This sounds exactly the sort of book which fans of ‘Sharpe’ and ‘Horatio Hornblower’ would like. I see a Christmas present for my husband on the horizon!


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