Daughter of Christmas book recommendations- The Witness Tree

Okay, I’m running out of ‘sequel’ titles now LOL!

Today its ‘The Witness Tree’ by Patricia West Hays. This is a good nostalgic read for anyone who grew up in the 40s and 50s. Book is available from amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and createspace.com. Website: thewitnesstree.net

A woman sifts through her mother’s recipe book, remembering what life was like in the 40s and 50s, and recalling the year that changed her life and the lives of those around her forever. Life was simpler and slower back then. Mothers sat on porches shelling peas while children made tree houses. But the way that family problems were handled in that time differered drastically from today. Secrets were swept under the rug and never talked about. This is the story of how one girl faced the consequences of her actions and how the resulting experiences led her to be a more compassionate adult. Each chapter is followed by recipes from those long-ago days.

“A lovely idea to combine recipes with memories, literary fiction with literal food, nourishing the body and the mind. A simply beautiful exploration of time and changes,” says Sly, author of ‘Stonefish’.

“We truly enjoyed both the structure of The WItness Tree and your writing. The recipes provide a beautiful template for the tales behind them of Torie sharing the kitchen with her mother and gathering the pieces of her mother’s life that will help her make sense of the woman when Torie herself is an adult. You capture the poignancy of Torie’s journey without ever becoming maudlin or treating her as an emotional victim.” say Jeannine DeLine and Bobbi L’Huillier, authors of ‘The Long Black Veil.’

What I think is:
I was brought up in the 70s, and I remember life being simpler, slower and more secretive. I learned to always put on a happy face, never tell anyone your problems, keep it all inside etc. I think this book will bring back many memories, good and bad, for many people, not just those brought up in the 40s and 50s.


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