My own books for Christmas!

I thought I’d blow my own trumpet today!

My books ‘Descending’, ‘Surfacing’ and the compendium of the two have just become available in paperback and Kindle at

Synopsis of ‘Descending’:
Emily is a lonely, disillusioned, teaching assistant at a college of Further Education. Jamie is a neglected, unpredictable student. Trapped together in a falling lift, wherever will this lead? Told from Emily’s point of view, this story explores the ambiguity of relationships between staff and students, and reflects on who is actually in control.

Synopsis of ‘Surfacing’:
Emily is in shock. What happened with Jamie changed her life irreversibly – but will it be for better or worse? Should she confront him, or just move on?

Unsurprisingly, the compendium is called Descending Surfacing and in the words of my publisher, makes a satisfying read as it is longer.

Even though my books are only available from Amazon US, they only take a week to arrive, according to those who have purchased them.


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