Christmas Book recommendations- part Deux! Black Shadows

Another book has caught my eye: Black Shadows by Simon Swift.

A crime thriller for Christmas to tease your powers of deduction and transport you into the past.

Black Shadows is a crime novel blending fact and fiction. New Jersey 1935: rookie private detective, Errol Black, gets mixed up in the killing of Dutch Schultz. Ten years later, a young lady hires Black for a seemingly routine surveillance job. When one-time partner, Dyke Spanner is shot to death, Black is drawn into a violent and bloody quest for a priceless diamond.

“The strength of the writing led me to imagine that I was entering into a 1940’s movie with Humphrey Bogart in the wings.
I also firmly believe that with the right exposure, there is potential here for a film.
Many times during reading BLACK SHADOWS I was convinced that I had all the answers, only to be completely wrong footed by the superb, imaginative writing of Simon Swift,” says Teresa Geering, author of ‘The Eye of Erasmus’.

“Excellent read. One of the best detective stories I’ve read. Great characters and a very good plot. The pace is fast and really holds your interest. This one is well worth reading. I highly recommend it,” says John Harold McCoy, author of ‘Bramwell Valley’.

What I think is:
If you fancy being drawn into the world of film noir, slick private eyes and femm fatales, this is the book for you. Here’s lookin at you, kid.

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