Winner of the November/December Night Reading Poll

…. is Stuart Ingram’s ‘Nick’ (but only just) over Andy Rausch’s ‘The Suicide Game’.

Although of course publishing Stuart’s book, Night Publishing wants to publish both these popular books.Festive Congratulations!

‘NICK’ centres around one families grief at losing their daughter in a drink driving accident the previous Christmas Eve. Based primarily around the mother’s quest for self-redemption and forgiveness, a stranger ‘Nick’ turns up at their home, and makes her a one-time only offer. What if he can help her come to terms with her grief and take charge of her fate, bringing her back from the brink of madness, and re-uniting the exisiting family. Through a series of supernatural events, which take them to purgatory, the gates of heaven and the edge of hell, Nick and Janet fight for her redemption, and try and stop her soul from becoming damned with eternal grief and suffering. Who is Nick, why can he travel amongst people’s memories, and why did he choose Janet? All questions that will be answered in a (hopefully) beautiful climax.

Sounds perfect for Christmas!

‘The Suicide Game’The lives of several random people converge in this work of crime fiction… A hitman who leads a dual life as a college professor. A priest who dreams of living the life of a criminal. A group of spoiled wealthy twenty-somethings looking for excitement by playing a game in which they manipulate the lives of complete strangers with the goal of causing them to commit suicide. A gay phone sex operator who agrees to meet one of his callers for a midnight rendezvous. A would-be film journalist who plans to murder the filmmaker he’s writing a book about in a manner that mirrors a scene from one of his films in the hopes of landing a lucrative publishing deal. A young husband who decides to murder his new bride because he finds that she has done something he cannot forgive. These are just a few of the characters you will meet in this exciting new novel.

A multi stranded, intriguing read.

4 thoughts on “Winner of the November/December Night Reading Poll

  1. Hi Catherine,I came across you as a guest blogger on Page Reader and see you are a member of Smashwords. I tried to use this but fell at the first hurdle as I didn't know how to record my tax return, being an American site. Could you advise, please?Kind regards, Carole.

  2. Help help help!!!You're British, Catherine? I want to buy your paperback for a Christmas present, but Amazon only have it as a Kindle download. What can I do?It seems to me to be rather perverse that Americans can buy your paperback (via but Brits can't, at This isn't a moan at you – several authors seem to be in exactly the same position.Hopefully you can help?

  3. Hi TiddK.Yes, it was supposed to have reached ages ago but hasn't. I'm advising people to buy it from as last time I looked it only cost £7.50 with shipping included. Don't know if it will arrive for Christmas now though.Thanks for your interest, I'm flattered you took the trouble to post 🙂

  4. Hi Carole Ann.I gave up on the tax return on Smashwords too and just said that they could take 30%. I thought the tax return thing was so complicated it would take ages to sort out and life's too short. Maybe asking Smashwords would help you, they answer quickly and are very helpful. Their email is at the top of their site.Thanks for posting, I'm flattered that people are interested 🙂

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