The Film of the Book

As Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat etc. I thought I’d recommend some good ‘films of books’.

In no particular order:

Bridget Jones’s Diary. Much, much better than the book, it fleshes out the characters much more and becomes a true tale for the modern woman (and man).

Stand By Me. A tour de force from four very young actors, all of whom went on to have notable careers, or would have done. Touching, funny, scary, reminiscent. It is a worthy epitaph for the unfortunate River Phoenix.

The Grinch. I watched this film with the most hardened 13 year old criminals I taught at school, and even they were beguiled by it. I can’t really think of a higher recommendation than that.

The Railway Children. One of the most poignant, well adapted and well made children’s films ever. “Get off the line, Bobby!” “Daddy, oh my Daddy!” are lines which always bring tears to my eyes. Because however hard I wished, my own Daddy never came back.

Farewell My Lovely. A classic film noir, nightmarish and compelling.

A Room with a View. I haven’t seen this for years, the main thing I love is the scenery. But it gave Miss H Bonham Carter her big break and I love to see such a lavish, carefully crafted adaptation.

I must also make a note about Atonement. I have not seen this, but it is meant to be brilliant, so take a look!



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