Night Publishing- the story so far…

Night Publishing:

Night Reading (the forum):

2010 was the year Night Publishing opened its virtual doors. Here are the winners of each monthly poll and what happened to them. Below that is the complete list of authors being published by the company.

February 2010 – Liko – ‘The Bulgarian Bride’ (not published by Night Publishing)

March 2010 – Shana Raywood – ‘The Last Phoenix’ (not published by Night Publishing)

April 2010 – Bruce Essar – ‘God’s Breath’ (not published by Night Publishing)

May 2010 – Joanne Ellis – ‘Spoilt’ (published by Night Publishing- the sequel ‘Fire Starter’ will be published by Night Publishing during 2011)

June 2010 – Jillian Brookes-Ward – ‘Saving Nathaniel’ (published by Night Publishing)

July 2010 – Gail Metcalfe – ‘New Beginnings’ (to be published by Night Publishing when completed)

August 2010 (fiction) – Cerys Black – ‘Bradan’ (to be published by Night Publishing when completed)

August 2010 (poetry) – Michelle Young – ‘Of All Things’ (published by Night Publishing)

September 2010 – Danny Bent – ‘You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir’ (being edited for publication by Night Publishing in January 2011)

October 2010 – Charlie Boyd – ‘The Prodigal Prophet’ (in process of being published by Night Publishing)

November 2010 – Stuart Ingram – ‘Nick’ (to be published by Night Publishing when completed)

December 2010 – Melanie Ray – ‘Lost Secret’ (to be published by Night Publishing)

Night Publishing’s catalogue of authors:

Andrew Morgan, Andy Rausch, Andy Szpuk, Bob Ellal, Brendan Gisby, Carolyn Allen, Andy Rausch, Catherine Chisnall, Cerys Black, Charlotte Castle, Christine Hall Volkoff, Colin T. Mercer, Danny Bent, Danny Birch, David Cooke, David Kupisiewicz, Gail Metcalfe, George Fripley, George Polley, Geraldine Murfin-Shaw, Gerry McCullough, Jillian Brookes-Ward, Jessica Degarmo, Joanne Ellis, Joe Hakim, John Booth, Kat Ward, KJ Rigby, LA Dale, L. Anne Carrington, Lael Whitehead, MA McRae, Maria Kuroshschepova, Melanie Ray, Michelle Young, Mike Watts, Minnette Coleman, Nigel Lampard, Olivia Reed, Paul Morris, Paul Perry, Poppet, Robert Adams, Robert Craven, Samantha Towle, Sheila Mary Taylor, Simon Swift, Stacey Danson, Stephen Sangirardi, Steven Jensen, Stuart Ingram, Teresa Geering, Terry Gould, Tom Winton and Tim Roux.


3 thoughts on “Night Publishing- the story so far…

  1. Hi, Looks like a very interesting site. Found it via a search for a poet (Colin T Mercer. I foundout about him through WALKNI as part of the tourist board for Irish Americans. A friend purchased his book which had a particuliar poem in it called The Irish Americian. It mentions him here can you ell me is he publishing more work or is it the same book I am talking about (Irish Eyes)?

  2. Hello again. For Lauren and any other interested parties. This is what the director of Night Publishing, Tim Roux, said about Colin:"Colin's book is new work – a combination of poems and short stories – entitled "Tales & Verse of Ulaid". It will be released March / April 2011 as part of a Northern Irish season including Gerry McCullough, Janice Donnelly and Charlie Boyd, as well as Colin T. Mercer."Thanks for asking.

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