Winner of the Night Publishing March/April poll

And the winner is… Laura Robinett, with ‘Glyptic’, after a really tough race. Congratulations Laura!

The Synopsis of Glyptic:

Athena is a local tattoo artist. Around a year ago she was in a brutal accident that killed her parents. With no memories of her parents, her childhood, or the accident itself she starts her new life from that day forward. Derek, a family friend took her under his wing at his tattoo shop and from there she took off as one of the shop’s best artists.

Derek and the rest of the tattoo staff are as close to a family as she has ever known since the accident. But there is something about them she just can’t put her finger on. The odd symbols tattooed on their bodies are unlike anything she has ever seen and nobody will give her a definitive answer as to what they stand for.

One day after tattooing a design on a girl that was picked from a book bearing the same strange symbols, her life is changed forever.

Or is it only getting back on track?

Laura’s current author site is


3 thoughts on “Winner of the Night Publishing March/April poll

  1. Excellent – congratulations to Laura! Hey, how many books does Night publish in a month??? They are awesome – anyone who publishes the # 1 book every month is doing a great service.

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