Winner of the Night Reading April/May poll

The winner is R. R. Jones with Division of the Damned. Congratulations! Read it if you dare…


1944. Standartenführer Marcus Von Struck and Doctor Rasch, of the Waffen SS are sent by Himmler to Transylvania to broker a deal with the vampire Count, Dracyl Blestamatul. The doctor has an untried serum that will enable the Count’s vampires to walk the day, in exchange for their loyalty to the Third Reich.

Major James Smith is also sent to Romania to meet up with the Count, who informs him that he is his brother. Smith is also told that he’s named in the Book of Blood, an ancient tome crafted by the demon Lilith. The Count and Lilith need Smith to break a curse cast by Utu, the Sumerian God of the Sun, who has banished them to the night.

Michael is a knight in a sub-order of the Knights of the Teuton who is sworn to destroying the Dracyl. Smith agrees to help him steal the Book.
Von Struck is sent to the Ukraine to assist the Count’s vampires behind Russian lines. However, his squad of disillusioned SS detest their new role and unrest ferments.

Major Smith, who is now no longer needed to break the curse, is sent to Dachau.

Von Struck is recalled back from the Ukraine to be arrested for his father’s part in the July plot to assassinate Hitler. His squad are taken to the SS penitentiary at Dachau. Michael notices them whilst visiting Smith and decides to use them to destroy the Dracyl.

He ensures their release and takes them to Wewelsburg Castle, where Smith and the men are trained in the art of vampire slaying.

Armed with silver swords, modified assault rifles and a new found faith in the power of religious belief, Von Struck’s squad take the battle to the Army of the Dracyl.

The vampire horde is finally destroyed by the power of belief in Christian icons and Sumerian legend. (a tree. It’s complicated, lol)

Himmler is sent a picture of the dead vampire army and, realising the war in the East is lost, decides to sue for a separate peace with the allies.


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