The winners of the May/June Night Reading poll

Sorry this is rather late but as some will know I’ve had family illness to contend with.

There is a draw in this month’s poll, another first for Night Reading.

Lizzie Eldridge’s ‘Duende’ and Lisa Wiedmeier’s ‘The Gate’ have actually tied.

Congratulations to both of them!

Synopsis of Duende:

Set in Lorca’s Spain, Duende is a love story between two men whose lives coincide with the tragic events leading up to civil war. Jose, a philosopher, and Nayo, an artist, live in Madrid and here they meet the real-life characters of Salvador Dali, Ortega y Gasset and, most significantly, Federico Garcia Lorca who becomes a friend.

Sustaining their love in a climate hostile to homosexuality, Jose and Nayo use philosophy and art as a means of understanding the turbulent world in which they live and discoveries they make shed light on their own identities.

As Spain witnesses one disaster after another, Duende details this ever-changing landscape through an intensely personalised lens. The tragic momentum propelling Spain towards civil war becomes the tragedy of two men for whom love has always been the driving force.

Synopsis of ‘The Gate’

Addy is looking forward to her senior year, going to prom, making new friends. But her world is turned upside down when her father announces they’re moving. And not just up state- they’re going to Ireland, where he hopes to continue his research into a cure for her mother’s illness.

Along the way she stumbles across the mysterious Keir, a young man hiding dark secrets. Her curiosity gets the better of her, and Addy is suddenly thrown into a dangerous new world filled with deception, magic, friendship and betrayal. Can she survive this new kingdom; more importantly, will she ever return home?


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