Winner of the Night Reading June/July Poll

This month’s winner is Rose Wall, with her ‘World’s Apart Series – Book One, Leah’. Well done Rose, she tells me this is her dream come true!

The World’s Apart series is envisaged as a collection of three books. The location for the whole series is a small Warwickshire town: reflected across alternate realities, all of which are controlled by a mysterious group called The Savants, who guide events by influencing key characters and their Life Choices, as well as controlling who is allowed to travel between the dimensions.

We begin the story with Leah, a nineteen year old girl, still mourning the recent loss of her mother. About to continue her education, and to support Leah in her promise to concentrate on her studies, her father makes the decision to uproot them both to a new location, for a fresh start. Here Leah meets a mysterious stranger whilst exploring the ruined castle near her new home. Nightmares she has experienced before intensify as this relationship deepens: but this seems to have an awful affect on Leah’s relationship with her bereaved father.

As his behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre, Leah’s fears worsen. Then an accident – was it chance?- results in her needing hospitalisation, where her father’s attempts to control her mind with drugs become apparent.

Her new friend’s real identity becomes apparent in the climax, as a final confrontation with Leah’s father reveals to her the truth.


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