Interview with Stella Deleuze

I am very pleased to welcome Stella Deleuze, author of ‘No Wings Attached’ and ‘Excuse me,where is the exit?’

Please tell us more about your new book, No Wings Attached.

Of course. It’s about Celia who’s trapped in a life she didn’t want and she has no idea how to fix it. She’s heart broken, she’s got two jobs she hates when all she wants is a bit of luck and some modest wishes come true. She writes a wish list and sends it to the Universe. Sort of.

Then we have Tom, a wish consultant, who has to make up for a former screwed-up case, who gets appointed to Celia’s case. The wish-consultants live among the humans, have an office and just work like everyone else does. Needless to say that Tom is not keen on helping Celia after he saw some video footage of her, being grumpy, moaning and throwing hissy fits. But his boss won’t have it and sends him anyway — without his skills.

I won’t say much more, only that’s a romantic comedy with a few paranormal elements, suspense and many humorous dialogues.

What inspired you to write it?

If I’d be honest and tell you that it was purely by accident, would you believe me? I started out with a complete different story, but when I sent the first twenty pages to my friend, she ripped it apart, told me it’s not working like this and made some suggestions. I didn’t know if I could actually incorporate those suggestions into the story I had, so I scrapped it all and began afresh. Since I order from the Universe from time to time, I thought there might be a story in it and began plotting. Basically, it’s probably sort of every girl’s dream. Your wishes coming true with a little help of a drop dead gorgeous and truly wonderful man.

Does your book fit into a genre?

Yes and no. It fits into romantic comedy and into supernatural/paranormal. Some said into comedy and also chick lit. I class it as romantic comedy with a paranormal twist. The problem is that people immediately think of vampires and werewolves, which I find is a shame, my book couldn’t be further away from that theme.

Do you think the idea of books fitting into strict genres is going out of fashion?

It really depends. If you write romance or comedy or horror, then there’s nothing wrong with labelling it. But I think people will need to get themselves adjusted to a wider market now. There are so many wonderful books out there that don’t fit into genres and shoehorning them into a certain genre might result in losing potential readers who might just love the book. It will take time to accept the ‘different’, far too long has the public been trained to orientate themselves on strict genres. Just take a look at bookstores.

Does religion play a part in your story, as the theory of angels is obviously a major theme?

No, religion doesn’t play a part in the book at all. It confuses me that people would think so as my book is not about angels, nor is the theory of angels. It’s a book about positive thinking, about not giving up, about decisions, risks. I’m an atheist. Yes, I do order from the universe, but it’s more in a fun way, about positive thinking than anything else. I picture Tom being more of helper to reach positive thinking. If you really want something, then all you need is to believe in you. And it’s a book about temptation, perhaps. Which is represented by the dark side.

You have been involved in charity work by selling your book/s for the Japan earthquake victims, can you tell us more about this?

Yes, with my first book, ‘Excuse me, where is the exit?’ a collection of humorous rants about every day life. I published the book on the 10th of March and a day later was the earthquake. Since I know some people in Japan and was deeply touched by the pictures and reports I’ve seen, I spontaneously decided to give the proceeds from the sales of March, April and May to Doctors without Borders and Red Cross. I received a great deal of support from people I didn’t know, and some I knew (Thank you, Catherine) and it was wonderful to see that mankind hasn’t lost its humanity.

How do you feel about publicising your books yourself? It can be daunting, how have you handled it?

It was a rocky road and a steep learning curve, but it’s really rewarding, too. I have control over price, pitch, when, where and what, I watch the sales and jump in with marketing/promotion, if needed. It’s fantastic to get to know all the lovely people who are dedicated to showcase and interview indie authors. Getting to learn all the marketing skills is an asset you have for life. At no point did I find it daunting, I do like a challenge and I’ve embraced it.

What are the projects you have coming up and where can we buy your books?

Well, I’m currently writing on the sequel to No Wings Attached, it’s going a bit slow as my muse seems to have wandered off, but I’m also working on the second book of rants. Both books have been requested by readers, which, I assume, is a good thing.

I’ve also a finished literary fiction novel waiting to be edited and made ready for submission. I’m giving all my books the chance to be ‘discovered’ by a traditional publisher first. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll not hesitate to self-publish.

After that I have two more ideas going round in circles in my head, demanding to be turned into a book, so I’ll be certainly busy and not running out of ideas any time soon.:-)

I’m glad to hear it Stella. I look forward to reading all your books and good luck with all the strings you have to your bow (there’s a Cupid reference for you!)

‘Excuse me, where is the exit?’

‘No Wings Attached’
Smashwords edition
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2 thoughts on “Interview with Stella Deleuze

  1. Nice to know something about Stella and her books. A deluge of good wishes for you Stella. Catherine, she once twitted, 'here is a writer who needs some help.' I was so overwhelmed. She loves challenges, a brave lady indeed. The iguana factor I'm sure. Lol.Excise me, where is the exit. Oh found it. Here i pressed.

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