Winner of the Night Reading July/August poll

And the winner is…Aurora Anne, with ‘Acacia Rose’. Congratulations to you! We will see this book published in due course by Night Publishing.

Banished from a life she was never meant for, denied the life she craves. Can Acacia betray everyone to live the life she deserves?
Ordered to help others but to never help herself, Acacia lives a lonely life which is only getting worse. Then she meets Josh, with no aura he is a mortal like none she has ever seen and he ignites a desire in her body she never knew existed. Tormented between following the warnings to keep away from him, the inviting looks he keeps giving her and the mutual damnation if she gives in to him, Acacia has never felt so confused! But when Josh saves her life, her choice is clear and they both succumb to what their souls and bodies are craving for them to do.
The Gods of Olympus never miss anything and Eros soon finds out about her betrayal, he banishes her to the Underworld and orders for Josh to be killed. When the Underworld guards come to act out their orders, Josh and Acacia do their best to escape but it is too late and they are both sentenced to their fate.
Distraught, Acacia begs for her life to be over but she is given a choice by Hades, a choice where her decision will start a war which will decide the fate of all Gods. Acacia is imprisoned in a tower in the Palace of Death under the watch of the head guard of Hades army, Luca. Acacia is terrified and mesmerised all at the same time by Luca but with her pain for Josh still raw how can these new feelings for Luca be coming to life? Acacia has a lot of questions to answer but with Josh on his way to the Underworld to save her, the first one she needs to make is, does she want to be rescued?

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