Christmas Book Promotions #3

Coming Soon! Hopefully before Christmas, but if not, a treat for after the festive season

Mrs Jones by B. A. Morton

Young Brit, Lizzie Jones, arrives in New York to deliver a package. Witnessing a hit and run is bad enough, but when the deceased is the person she’s meant to meet and the driver wants the package bad enough to kill for it, Lizzie’s thrown into a nightmare.

Detective Tommy Connell, a single dad with a string of bad breaks, needs a bust to keep his job and cute little Lizzie might be just the ticket, if he can get her to tell the truth. Connell has a way with the ladies, but Lizzie Jones is like no lady he’s ever met.

Travelling on a counterfeit passport, with his own nemesis Mo Pater, snapping at her heels, Lizzie sets off all Connell’s internal alarms. Discovering the hit and run victim is a rogue operative from a murky government agency, who’s been lining his pockets with mob money. Pitches them into a web of corruption, secrets and lies, and sends them fleeing for their lives.

The Mob, want their money back. The Agency, want it hushed up. Both believe, as Lizzie is the key to the money, she’s a valuable commodity. Both sides also agree getting rid of Connell will improve their chances of success.

Connell is inexplicably drawn back to his chequered past and the murder of his child’s mother. Realising the two cases are connected and Lizzie is central to both, his wish for justice transforms into a burning desire for revenge. When the depth of deception is revealed he’s faced with a simple choice…The money or the girl.

Until, he works out a way to have both…

And not only does the talented Ms Morton have ‘Mrs Jones’ to be published, she also just won the Night Publishing September/ October Poll, with ‘Wildewood’.

Wildewood by B. A. Morton

Forget chivalry. Revenge is more rewarding.

Grace has a knack for trouble.

Forging a portrait is her first mistake. Getting lost in the woods is her second. However even she doesn’t expect to be skewered with an arrow and wake up in 1275.

Nor is she thrilled to be snatched by Miles, a battle scarred knight of dubious character with a major case of unsated revenge. He’s on a mission righting wrongs. He’s also short of cash and knows a good investment when he sees one.

Outsmarting witch hunters, serial killers and a paranoid Baron who believes she’s the King’s spy, without revealing she’s an accidental time traveller who’s trying to forget all that forgery business, isn’t easy. What Grace doesn’t realise however, as she cuts a swathe through violent and smelly medieval society, charming the peasants and thwarting the bad guys, is that she’s not the only with secrets…


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