Christmas Book Promotions #5

I have two books to recommend today, by the same author under different names. He’s a man of mystery.

BiteMarks (adult crime fiction)by Drew Cross:

A spate of vicious attacks on working girls – A crazed monster who rips his victims’ flesh – A cop with dark secrets for whom blood is more than in his veins.

Young cop Shane Marks is good at his job. He is also a damaged human being.

When a series of attacks of escalating violence start up right on his doorstep and the investigative spotlight threatens to shine into the murky corners of his world, he is faced with a choice – stop this man by any means necessary, or let his carefully constructed façade unravel and see the ghosts of his dark past dragged out for all to see.

But Shane is a dangerous man himself, with a greater understanding of the nature of the one that they all seek, and no intention of seeing his personal demons exposed.

Blood, lust and bloodlust collide as he desperately tries to stay one step ahead of his colleagues and get one step closer to his quarry, right up until the shocking finale …

Scarmap (YA fantasy fiction)by A J Cole:

Thirteen year old Timit lives alone in the dangerous wilderness outside of an isolated town; a flame-haired girl running from unimaginable horrors.

Fifteen year old Connor is the town’s resident freakshow, his body covered in mysterious scars that make him a target for savage bullying.

Their chance meeting and subsequent friendship starts a chain of events that forces them both to run away from what they know, pursued by evil on all sides, and that will change their lives forever …


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