Christmas Book Promotions #6

Today it is The Division of the Damned, by R. R. Jones

Coming Soon from Night Publishing:


1944, a major James Smith of the British Army and a Standartenführer Markus Von Struck of the Waffen SS. Both are sent by their respective countries on a mission to Romania.

Smith is to meet up with the Romanian Count, Dracyl Blestamatul who has knowledge of a secret weapon that Himmler has personally organised.

Von Struck is sent to accompany a Doctor Rasch to persuade the same Count to fight for the Third Reich. The Count is a vampire and his vampires have been causing mayhem behind the Russian lines. Himmler wants to urgently develop the unit to divisional strength. Doctor Rasch has an antidote for the Vampires so that they’re able to fight by day and is planning to trade the serum for loyalty to the Reich.

They travel down, (separately) and Smith, who believes himself to be an orphan, finds out that the Count is in fact his twin brother. The Count needs him to sire a child for the bloodline and thus follow a prophesy set down in The Book of Blood, that will defeat the curse made by the Sumerian God Utu. The Count is assisted in his endeavours by Lilith, a Demon who appears in Sumerian and ancient Hebraic legend. Lilith has taken over two bodies for the trials set out by The Book of Blood. That of Maria the beautiful ex-follower of Lilith, and that of Iullia, a young nun. Iullia has a brother at the castle, Michael.

Michael is a member of a sub order of the Teutonic Knights and he wants to save his sister and steal the Book of Blood. He tells Smith that his brother is a vampire. Smith, horrified but ready to believe decides to help Michael steal the Book but is caught and then forcibly seduced by Lilith.

Von Struck helps the Doctor try out his serum on a vampire. The experiment fails.

Part 2

The Count now doesn’t need Smith who’s sent to Dachau. Rasch now employs two Jewish doctors to help him find the serum; Mordechai and Reuben, who worry about their souls.

Michael returns to Marienberg, the home of his order with the Book of Blood. There he learns of a knight who once planted a tree as a weapon of faith against The Dracyl.

Meanwhile Von Struck is sent out in the field to guard over the vampires by day. One of Von Struck’s men, Rohleder, falls for a German refugee called Stephanie, who loses her son to the vampires and swears revenge. Von Struck and his men are called back to the castle to be arrested and sent to Dachau
because of the part Von Struck’s father plays in the attempt on Hitler’s life. Stephanie is left at the castle as Von Struck’s men are shipped off to Dachau.

Meanwhile, in Dachau,Smith finds an ally in one of the guards, Heinz Inselman. Inselman also belongs to the same Order as Michael.

The last scene is Michael the Teutonic Knight being called into Himmler’s office and greeted as an old friend. Michael asks for Smith to be released to him. Himmler unwittingly agrees.

Part 3

Michael takes Smith and Von Struck’s squad to Wewelsburg castle to learn how to fight with silver swords. They also melt down the silverware to make silver bullets. The two Jewish doctors escape from the castle, taking Stephanie with them. On the way out, Mordechai is attacked by the Count’s manservant, (a werewolf). They run into a Russian patrol. The Russians think they’ve escaped from a concentration camp and send them back to take
pictures of it. Stephanie and Reuben are accompanied by a Russian officer to
find the camp. Mordechai, now a werewolf accompanies them.

Von Struck’s men reach the castle and the tree the old Crusader had planted, (its powers having connotations in both Biblical and Sumerian mythology) and wait for the Dracyl.

A battle ensues and the casualties suffered by Von Struck’s squad are bolstered by Mordechai, as a werewolf, the Russian officer who sees it fit to join on the side of the SS against the vampires and Stephanie, who fights as good as any man due to the power of the tree and her desire for revenge.

The Dracyl is beaten by the Sumerian God Utu who originally placed the curse and Lilith looks set to win the day. However,Iullia, no longer under the control of Lilith, sneaks out to the tree and destroys Lilith with an upside down sword as a cross and the Lord’s Prayer.

The Russian officer takes a photo of the SS soldiers with dead vampires at their feet and in March 1945 it lands on Himmler’s desk. Himmler sees the photo and realises the war is lost.


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