Christmas Book Promotions #7

Coming Soon!

Today’s recommendation is:

The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Volume 1 by Melanie Dent

Exactly what did Dr Merrifield’s Words, whispered at dinner, actually mean?

What Dr Francis Merrifield whispers to society beauty Margaret Trevelyan causes her to question everything from her own place in society to her passionate love for Lewis Franklin, a lowly chaufffeur.

Orphaned by the Titanic tragedy and sent to live with relatives she has never met, Margaret finds herself drawn to Franklin by a shared sense of loss since his nephew perished on the ship.

However it is more than a shared sense of loss that concerns Margaret, who has never been able to explain her affinity with the servant class. When Merrifield dies before his enigmatic words can be explained, she is cast into hopeless despair believing that the secret he intended to reveal has died with him.

Then tragedy strikes when someone is murdered, causing Margaret and Franklin to pull together to help a grieving household make sense of the terrible event.

Then Margaret learns something about her past: now she and Franklin must each work out what the future might hold, for both of them.

Available here:


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