Christmas Book Promotion #8

Today, I recommend Edge of Extinction by Kristen Stone


Deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle live an undiscovered tribe of Chachinka Indians. These people live a happy and contented stoneage life, totally unaware of the world outside the jungle or of any other Indians living in the jungle.

They are led by a man they call Kianda Mala. In their language this means Monkey Man. He was given this name because he has a prehensile tail. He was brought to the village as a baby by a girl who had been acting as servant to an explorer. The village had prospered since his arrival but after the villagers start treating him like a living jungle god things start to go wrong. People became ill and many die. Then Kianda notices that all the fish in the river are dead and he sets out to find out what is wrong.

His search leads him to a mine that is polluting the river. He is captured by one of the mine workers, Jon Matthews, who takes him to a local female doctor, Hannah, for treatment on a persistent abscess that will not heal. The doctor calls in an anthropologist who brings with him his own servant who just happens to be from the Chachinka tribe. This enables Kianda to communicate with his captors and he tells them what is happening back at the village. Shocked by what is happening they agree to help the villageā€¦..

This story follows Kianda from the stoneage into the 21st century, shows him learning new things while clinging to his tribal beliefs and his determination to help his adopted people.

Available here:

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