Christmas Book Promotions #11

Today it is the turn of ‘Can of Worms’ by Paul Trembling.


A Murder. A Clue. An Obsession.

Scenes of Crime Officer Marcie Kelshaw didn’t like her colleague, Ben Drummond. Nobody did, really. Nevertheless, when she stumbles across a clue to his murder, she thinks it should be followed up. Even without any official backing. Even when it strains her friendships, risks her career, and endangers her family.

The trail of clues leads to some dark and terrifying places, a murderous climax, and the truth about Ben’s murder – which was not at all what it seemed.

Along the way, she’ll open more than one can of worms.

Can of Worms kept me reading every spare moment to find out what happens. The twists and turns needed a satnav to predict but no post code so you have to keep at it. Great stuff Paul

(Readers comment, on Amazon)

Available at: (for Kindle edition –

And at: (for paperback and PDF –

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