Christmas Book Promotions #12

Today I feature ‘Shasta Summer’ by Teresa Geering. Available now from Amazon.


Eight year old Summer visits her aunt in the magical village of Shasta while her parents attend to problems within their garden centre in Holland.

Exploring her aunts’ unusual Victorian styled garden, Summer discovers a time portal close to an old garden well. It’s here that she becomes enlightened about her past life. By regressing, she
hopes to change fate and prevent a murder by Erasmus, a time traveller masquerading at times, in
the body of a local workhand called Seth.

Summer now in her past life is called Shasta and has decided to give up her nomadic life
and marry her lover Merlin. Seth, having a vested interest in Shasta receives a visit from
Erasmus. He offers him Shasta but with conditions that will suit his own evil purpose….

Available here:……


2 thoughts on “Christmas Book Promotions #12

  1. Anything with Teresa Geering's name on it is a guaranteed first-class read. I've read everything she's produced to date about our time-travelling "friend", Erasmus, and ironically I found that time stands still. Thoroughly engrossing, and great read for all ages, I believe; which is rare, these days.

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