Christmas Book Promotions #14

Today I recommend ‘Dayrealing’ by Mike Church.

The 100th book from Night Publishing!Coming soon!


A tale of desperation and respiration in 50 simple lessons

‘OK, folks, are we ready to hammer our grammar?’
‘Wouldn’t it be easier to smother her with a pillow?’

Welcome to the weird and funderful world of Looniversal Learning, where Colin Raphead has been teaching everything and anything for as long as he can remember. Which isn’t saying much. His life is a mess: his bosses are only interested in reports; his colleagues think he’s a weirdo; and his students do anything but study. Colin, however, is a survivor; he was born to teach and he will die teaching. Even if it kills him. Besides, he knows his luck must turn sooner or later . . .

And it does when he unwittingly exposes himself to Looniversal Learning’s most senior and respected resident, octogenarian Miss Tedley. Summoned before the Board of Governors, Colin is given an ultimatum: get your act together or get out.

Will Colin’s luck ever change for the better?
What must he do – apart from not flashing at elderly ladies – in order to be taken seriously?
And, more to the point, what ever does the lovely Amanda see in that moron Simon?

Having taught English badly for over 25 years, Mike Church is ideally qualified to write a load of tosh and get away with it. This is his best-selling debut novel.

“Readable rubbish at a reasonable price.” – The Publisher
Refers to this title only

*dayrealing noun [Uncount.]
thinking about something useful and real while engaged in a useless unreal task ( (for more information, blog, etc.) ( (for audio recordings of the first chapters)


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