Christmas Book Promotions #18

Today I recommend Ron A Sewell’s You Can’t Hide Forever.


With his life a mess, a catastrophic marriage and a career in reverse, Davy Jenkins is in trouble. Encumbered by gambling debts, his only solution, rob a bank. After the robbery the escape craft collides with an oil tanker. Davy survives and goes AWOL from the Royal Navy.

Investigative Journalist, Janice Porter, is clever at finding out what others cannot. On a gut feeling, she scrutinises reports of the disappearance of three sailors and a bank robbery. She suspects a connection between these outwardly unrelated events.

Davy creates a new life in London. Alas his lucrative activities come to the attention of the Red (Russian) Mafia with tragic consequences. Swearing vengeance upon them, he embarks on a bloodthirsty reprisal. He flees for his life, escaping in his yacht for Spain, but a violent storm almost kills him.

The crew of HMS Blackbird rescues an unconscious Davy. On arriving at the hospital, staff inform Janice Porter that Davy died during the night. Asking to pay her last respects, she discovers the corpse has vanished. Dissatisfied by the explanation given by the French authorities, Janice becomes obsessed with finding him.

Seized by a covert government agency, the head of which knows that broken people make the best pawns, Davy is given the choice of working deep cover or disappearing forever. Choosing life, he crosses over into the seedy world of drug trafficking. His task: To gather enough facts to convict the drug barons of Europe. With the assistance of the spirited, red-haired Angie Symes, he becomes a trusted lieutenant.

With some clever detective work, Janice learns Davy is alive. Her path crosses that of Ronald Harman-Smith, a senior police officer. He in turn threatens Janice and forces her to back off.

Davy devises a drug smuggling plan to which the organisation he has vowed to expose gives a positive response.

Angie and Davy’s lives becomes complex. Harman-Smith, her boss, advises her that when the job is finished, Davy’s usefulness is over. Desperate, she confides in Janice. Having argued with Harman-Smith, Janice finds the challenge irresistible. She informs her police contacts of what she knows. To prevent embarrassment to the government, a plan evolves to aid Davy’s return to a normal life. Unexpected encounters and difficult situations stretch his survival skills to the limit. Ultimately, he wins a new life and freedom.

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