Christmas Book Promotions #22

Today I recommend ‘Black Shadows’ by Simon Swift.


New Jersey 1935: When private detective, Errol Black and his fellow agents, are protecting an Irish mobster they get mixed up in the killing of Dutch Schultz. A gunfight leaves a bloody mess behind.

Ten years later, Black’s past is about to catch up with him. A young lady hires Black for a seemingly routine surveillance job, former partner Dyke Spanner is shot to death and Black is drawn deeper into a violent and bloody quest. The search for the priceless Blue Tavernier Diamond brings gangsters, New York’s ruthless Tongs and beautiful women into his life.

To solve the crime, he finds himself journeying into his own past where both the secret to Dyke’s killer and the clues to the hidden diamond lay.

Black Shadows is a crime novel blending fact and fiction. In the finest hardboiled tradition, it is filled by gangsters, beautiful dames, colourful villains and red herrings galore – this is the world of private eye Errol Black.

BLACK SHADOWS is a tightly written piece of noir fiction, inviting obvious comparisons to Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. – Harpercollins

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