Christmas Book Promotions #24

Today, a few days before Christmas, I recommend The Tower and the Eye by Kira Morgana, which is the beginning of a series.

COMING SOON from PfoxChase!


The Tower and the Eye: A Beginning

Peace came at a price…

The Black Tower War lingers in memory and the stories that spark fear in children lie in truths long buried. Tales of the Dungeons of Doom, a fearsome Overlord and The Eye that rules all, remind the people of the Heart Kingdoms of Quargard that harmony must be earned.

…and danger lurks just below the surface.

When the Overlord and his Creatures re-awaken, Heroes and Heroines must arise to stem the tide of evil. So it is decreed. So does Legend say.

From each Kingdom, a Champion…

…born to become a Dungeon Destroyer. But the tales and legends leave much to be desired and not all who venture into the Dungeons of Doom will emerge alive.

As with everything, each quest will have a beginning…

…and the Kingdom of Galivor provides an unlikely collection of candidates who seek to plunder an abandoned dungeon.

Little do they know they are being watched…

The book is going to be available as an e-book on KindleUS, KindleUK, Smashwords, OmniLit.

There are five novellas in the series and once they’ve all been pubbed via e-book (depending on demand) they will be published in a single Collection later in 2012

Kira’s Blog –
Pfoxchase –

Kira runs a webzine too:

There is a Midwinter Writing Competition for would be authors! Please see the webzine site above for details. Give it a go!


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