How to host a Facebook launch party of your new book!

Firstly, Ragnar and the Slave Girls is free today, 28th September. Click on these links:

Ragnar FREE at Amazon US

Ragnar FREE at Amazon UK

Secondly, I am very pleased to say that my Facebook launch party went well. The party was here:

I followed the advice on this great blog:

I invited all my FB friends, despite the fact I knew my book’s a bit raunchy for some. Over 1/3 of them joined the party.

I found pictures of Viking feasts and Viking looking people and played a word game. The pictures went down well, the word game (make anagrams of Ragnar and the Slave Girls using wordsmith) was not as popular.

I didn’t have one month to prepare like the lady on An Irish Patel’s site, I only had a few days, haha! But it went well.

I ran the party for just over a day, which was probably too long as it was a bit tiring.

But all in all, it was great!

Hope that advice helps!


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