What I’ve been up to lately

Well I seem to be getting busier. Because I wrote two novellas last year, both from the Ragnar series, the next one is being published soon. It was intended to be a kind of spin off but my publisher got hold of it and said it should be the 3rd in the series :/

Its a male/male romance, abbreviated to M/M in case you didn’t know. Researching 10th century England is fascinating, with its cultural and political divisions between the Anglo Saxons and Norsemen. I was unsurprised to find that the Norse culture was particularly homophobic, so what better era to explore what would happen to men if they were discovered to be gay? I was amazed however to find that the medieval Christian church was more concerned with illegitimate children being born so it was only in later centuries people were punished for homosexuality. My new book comes out soon, no pun intended, and I’m extremely nervous about its reception!

I’ve made a Facebook launch party for it, here:


I’ve been much more selective about who I’ve invited this time though as I know some of my friends do not like M/M romance.

Other things I’ve been doing  lately include being on the edge of a major news scandal- if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know what I mean; editing Taylor Street books including a romance/thriller; a crime caper; a children’s book; and a couple of paranormal mystery/ romances. Plus all the usual family activities and working in a charity clothes shop. Clothes aren’t my forte but its more fun than I imagined.

I also received my business cards from Vistaprint. Unfortunately the font is so small its hard to read, so I updated my design to a bigger size for next time.

Phew! Watch this space for book news of Ragnar 3. It hasn’t even got a title or cover yet!


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