Merry Farmer guest blog!

I am very pleased to announce a new guest blog from my friend and fellow author, Merry Farmer. She writes Historical Romances and her latest book, The Courageous Heart, has just come out on Amazon!

The first two books in the series, The Loyal Heart and The Faithful Heart, are already out (links at the bottom of the page).

Welcome, Merry!

Bringing History to Life

Somewhere around my senior year of high school, after years of memorizing names and dates, it dawned on me that history actually happened.  Hard to believe, I know.  All those pictures in history books are so static, so distant.  And none of it seems particularly interesting, right?

It was halfway through a “current events” history class, when our teacher divided the class into newly independent post-Soviet countries and told us to come up with a form of government for our new country, that I realized all that stuff, all those names and dates and stilted pictures with bad perspective, really happened.  I was elected the leader of my group’s country, and after no one could agree on anything I declared myself dictator and did whatever I wanted.  The teacher promptly informed me that I had just been assassinated by the head of my military.  I was irate.  It was all very real.

Then, during the summer after high school, I got a job as an actor at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  Now it was my job to pretend to be a medieval peasant.  I had to convince not only the patrons of the faire that it was all real, I had to buy into it myself.  And you know what, it was easy.

It’s no surprise, then, that I write historical romance.  I consider it my mission to bring the past to life.  This mission is the reason why I deliberately wrote my Noble Hearts series of medieval romance with anachronistic language, modern-feeling characters, and passions that feel as real today as they did in 12th century England.  Because to the people living in those times it was all very modern.

The Courageous Heart is a story of betrayal and forgiveness, of selfishness and love.  It embodies the very modern idea that when we’ve been hurt by someone we love we make horrible decisions.  Those decisions destroy lives.  And those lives have to be rebuilt again.  The Courageous Heart is a modern story of redemption set against what might at first feel like an unfamiliar backdrop.

Did medieval people really jilt their lovers?  Were people truly thrown into situations where they had to trust someone they knew had hurt them before?  Of course they did!

Betrayal and redemption are not medieval concepts.  They’re not modern concepts.  They are concepts that transcend all of time.  They are human concepts.  When I set out to write The Courageous Heart, and the rest of the Noble Hearts stories, I wanted to show that it doesn’t matter what age you live in, love will find a way.  Sometimes you need a sword to fight for what you know is right and sometimes all you need is a cell phone.


The Loyal Heart

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The Faithful Heart

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The Courageous Heart

Coming soon

Our Little Secrets

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