Its a Wonderful Life!

One of my many bosses said to me: “You do lead an exciting life!” over Skype the other day.

I’ve never heard anyone call it that before, but maybe he’s right. I write novels; I edit other people’s novels for my publisher, Taylor Street Books, who are in San Francisco; I edit non fiction for a Canadian doctor; I work at a shop in the newly built mall in my town, which is rather like Acorn Antiques, if you remember that programme!

I am quite proud of myself actually. I have built this writing career out of almost nothing, and I’m almost at the point of earning enough to cover the bills each month. Hardly rolling in money but its a brilliant start! I hope it continues.

My publisher has hinted that some of their books may be made into films, I know of one definite example, so maybe I’ll get invited to the premiere!

So perhaps it is an exciting life after all, not one of a boring housewife!


3 thoughts on “Its a Wonderful Life!

  1. Thanks George and Jacoba, you are only the second and third to comment on my new Lily blog (Reggie was first, as always!)

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